Arts & Events Community Resilience Corps

An experiential learning and service network for emergency response

The Arts & Events Community Resilience Corps is a new model to mobilize mutual aid, increasing paid employment for arts professionals and developing community capacity for emergency or disaster response and recovery.The Arts & Events CRC seeks to create jobs, develop networking and training opportunities for arts and event professionals, and generate alternative revenue for local performing arts organizations and businesses, all in support of community resilience and social good. While current practices often position arts and event professionals among the most economically vulnerable to the impact of disaster, creative communities are also among those best equipped with the skills to capably respond in times of crisis when suitably prepared.Get involved yourself or help us advocate for this model of arts & events resilience by filling out the survey that matches your role. From producers and production companies to artists, performers, stageworkers, and venues, anyone who works in the arts or in event production is welcome to apply. You can also sign up to get updates or learn more about us.

About us

Majestic Collaborations works to empower communities to address environmental and humanitarian concerns with art, culture, design and planning. We’re a network of primarily artists, producers, performers, and activists who have also over the years found our way into emergency preparedness and resilience work, and we know firsthand that art, culture, design, and planning are potent forces and partners for communities as they address environmental and humanitarian concerns.We work directly with arts organizations and agencies to develop emergency action, business continuity, and disaster response plans, and provide training, consulting, advising, and guidance for staff, boards, and volunteers to identify and contextualize the risk and needs of performing arts and cultural entities to enable effective response during emergencies and disasters. Our mission is to collaboratively refine best practices across creative industries while building diverse networks to better address climate and health crises, all while recognizing that mass cultural gatherings such as performing arts events and festivals are among the most likely settings to effect meaningful, transformative, and community-driven change among individuals.Our program The Art of Mass Gatherings for Performing Arts is an experiential skill sharing program that uses community festivals as classrooms for public safety, sustainability, accessibility and community involvement. It is made possible thanks to the support of Performing Arts Readiness.The Performing Arts Readiness (PAR) project was formed in the recognition that performing arts organizations are especially vulnerable to disasters and emergencies which can halt performances, sometimes indefinitely, and can put an organization out of business overnight. They bring together knowledge of the performing arts field and expertise in emergency preparedness, providing grants, informational resources, consulting, and training to organizations to support in their development of emergency preparedness plans and networks.

The Community Resilience Corps model

The Community Resilience Corps is a model we are advocating for to mobilize mutual aid by connecting arts and events professionals and organizations to jobs, funding, community networking, and skills development in the form of local service projects. Such partnerships may provide a mechanism to expand employment for arts and event professionals using their existing expertise, increase funding for organizations impacted by closures or crisis, expand capacity for local response in times of emergency, and strengthen practices of community care and resilience.

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